Denture/Partial repairs

Denture/Partial repairs

A broken denture can be a blow to your self-esteem and your smile. When a denture breaks or a tooth falls out, turn to Yorkshire Dental for expert denture repair. We provide fast and high quality denture repairs services designed to restore your smile as quickly and economically as possible.

Upon arriving at our office, each broken denture is carefully inspected by our dentist. If we find additional breakage on your denture, we will first contact you to obtain approval on the repair. Most repairs are completed the same day using only the best commercial quality repair material to assure your denture lasts as long as possible.

We offer repairs services for:

  • Broken Dentures
  • Broken Metal in Partial Dentures
  • Chipped Denture Tooth
  • Loose Denture Tooth


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